Team 2199 - Robo-Lions

FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) Team 2199 "Robo-Lions" is Carroll County's only FRC team and the flagship team for PIE3.  FRC, which is for High School students from grades 9-12, is called the "Varsity Sport of the Mind" and "The Toughest Fun You Will Ever Have".  It is the NFL of High School Robotics Competitions.  It involves three 120 pound, 2+' x 3+' x 5' robots in one alliance (The Blue Alliance) competing against another alliance (The Red Alliance) of three robots to score the most points in a pre-defined game.  

Each year in the beginning of January all the teams worldwide learn simultaneously on "Kickoff Day" what the new game for that year will be.  Using a standard kit of parts the teams will then have 6 weeks to design and build their robot to play the game after which it will be placed in a large plastic bag only to leave it to compete in a series of tournaments that lead up to a Championship event at the end of April held at a major city around the country.

The regular tournament season ends in April but a series of "Off Season" events extends from May until December.  Teams will also spread the good news about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math during this period holding numerous public demonstrations, and K-12 STEM events such as robotics camps.

The "Robo-Lions" are one of Carroll County's most successful travel teams having won awards in Baltimore, Philadelphia, Trenton, and Cincinnati over the past four years.  The "Robo-Lions" are also back-to-back Champions of the annual "Battle O' Baltimore" event held by the Baltimore Area Alliance.

So join a team where every student can go on to College and the Pros!